BMW & MINI Secure Vehicle Against Rolling Message

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Transmission Secure vehicle with parking brake when stationary.

All images on this page have been taken by us, whilst repairing customer vehicles.

Repaired at a fraction of dealer cost

If your BMW or MINI displays any of the pictured messages, such as "Secure vehicle with parking brake when stationary" or "Secure vehicle against rolling" then we typically are 70% cheaper than main dealer prices to repair this issue. Main dealer will replace the entire gear selector, when all that has failed in a minute torsion spring that sits in the bottom of the gear selector. Contact us now!

Secure vehicle against rolling

Repaired in a few hours at our Aldridge (WS9) based workshop

And we guarantee our work against failure for 12-months. We ALWAYS fit a new spring. We never try to reshape the old spring. We keep the broken spring to show to you on completion of the repair. We've performed this repair many times and have a 100% success rate. Click here to contact us.

MINI Transmission Secure vehicle with parking brake when stationary.

Common fault on BMW & MINI cars

The "secure vehicle against rolling" and "Secure vehicle with parking brake when stationary" messages affect BMW and MINI vehicles with automatic transmission. Models affected include:

  • MINI with automatic transmission

  • BMW X1 with automatic transmission

  • BMW X3 with automatic transmission

  • BMW 2 series Active Tourer with automatic transmission

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Customer Feedback

We promise to treat your vehicles as if it were our own. Here is an example of the feedback we receive from delighted customers - this one from Mr Crittall, who doesn't have a Google account and hoped that the words he texted to me on completion of the job would be used somewhere appropriate! It is worth noting that we are grateful that this customer travelled all the way from Gloucester and we had his vehicle turned around in approx. 3-hours.

"Hi, and thanks so much for fixing my car yesterday. I don't have a Google account, so can't post a review there but hopefully you could use some of the following:

It's rare these days to find a business as committed as Blue Meets White is to helping the customer. My [BMW 2 Series] Active Tourer had a false error message on the screen dash caused by a small broken spring buried deep in the gear selector assembly. Rather than replace the whole assembly (which most garages would do) Ian just replaced the spring, saving me over £700! To get to it means removing a lot of kit but it was all done promptly and professionally, with no sign of the work carried out. A truly five star service"

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Repair Process Explained

It may seem an expensive spring, but there is about 3 hours labour involved in these repairs. The repair costs vary depending on vehicle. We love talking to customers and are happy to answer any questions you may have so give us a call or drop us an email to Customers have travelled long-distance for these repairs, and in these cases we ensure that you have a scheduled slot in the workshop so we can immediately commence the repair whilst you go for a coffee in the local town. We have a 100% success rate on repairs. If you have a used vehicle warranty, the warranty often covers the cost of these repairs.

Remove Centre Console

The image shows the start of the process. You can see the gear selector but in order to remove it the entire centre console must be removed. We've performed this many times and take great care when disassembling and reassembing your vehicle. It will be treated as if it were our own.

Strip Gear Selector Assembly

With your BMW or MINI gear selector on the bench, we carefully disassemble it in order to access the broken spring and replace it with a brand new spring In the picture above, you can see the broken leg of the spring.


The entire process takes approximately 3 hours. Once your vehicle is reassembled we fully test the repair, which we guarantee for 12-months (unlimited mileage)

Free Dealer Level Diagnostic

On entry to the workshop, we take a snapshot of the health of your vehicle. During the repair, faults will be logged in the vehicle as we have to unplug various systems including i-Drive controller, electronic handbrake switch, comfort access antenna, and of course the gear selector! On completion of the repair we clear these codes and print out the diagnostic reports. We also give you the broken spring, so you can be sure we've done our job correctly. We usually charge £60 for dealer level diagnostics, but with this repair you get one free!

Where To Find Us

Repairs to your BMW or MINI automatic gear selector are carried out at our workshop in Aldridge, UK.

Blue Meets White c/o Marc's Independent BMW
Unit 9, Lion Industrial Park
Northgate Way
Aldridge WS9 8RL

Call Ian on 01922 922813 or email

Are we too far away? We can still help.

As of May 2022, I will be offering a remote support service after a number of people contacted me from outside the UK. If you feel that repairing the gear selector may be within your capabilities, or simply have no other choice then I will be more than happy to support you remotely, via video call. Here is how the service will operate.

Get in touch to discuss the option. Call me on 01922 922813 or

  • If you decide to proceed, I will ask you to send £50 via PayPal.

  • I will send you the spring required for the repair - postage free for UK customers and at cost price for international customers. I will also send you a list of the basic tools that I use for the repairs.

  • You are paying for the spring and my time on a "best efforts basis". I will find time for you but I expect you to attempt as much as you can before calling me. If you think you are about to break something, aren't sure how tight a bolt should be, how to let a clip go -- I'd rather you called before breaking it :) But I won't be on the video call with you right through the process. I recommend allowing a two days period where you don't need the vehicle before commencing the repair, and make sure I know the dates you are attempting the repair before starting! The first repair I performed took about 3.5 hours - take your time, you're far less likely to break something. Make sure you have a second person available for the removal of the centre console. It isn't heavy, but it is simply easier with two people and you are less likely to scratch or damage something.

  • All video calls must be conducted in the English language.

  • Once you have completed the repair, if you can travel to the workshop in Aldridge, UK (WS9 8RL) I will clear any fault codes for you at no additional charge and perform a diagnostic check on the vehicle.

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Let me replace the spring!

I offer a same day spring replacement service. If you know that your gear selector works perfectly well, apart from the broken spring there is absolutely no point in buying a second-hand unit. Replace the spring, otherwise you will be in the same predicament in no-time.

If you are near the workshop, or have a second vehicle and can travel to me, I offer this service for £100. I will replace the spring whilst you go and grab a coffee. You will also receive remote support as discussed above.

If you are not near the workshop, contact me before sending the unit for repair. Send it as a signed for delivery and I will repair the unit the same day it is received. If time permits, the unit will be posted back to you same day or first thing the following morning. Typical return postage costs are £15 for UK customers.

Once you have completed the repair, if you can travel to the workshop in Aldridge, UK (WS9 8RL) I will clear any fault codes for you at no additional charge and perform a diagnostic check on the vehicle.

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